Danville Community College Launches Virtual Tour

As another extension of their ever expanding online services, Danville Community College has launched the institution’s first ever online 'Virtual Campus Tour.'

“We have created a virtual tour that allows prospective students, distance learning students, or anyone interested in DCC to tour our campus anytime, day or night, and see what the College has to offer,” said Interim President Dr. Muriel Mickles

The interactive tour features multimedia touchpoints that viewers will experience as they traverse the DCC campus, including embedded videos introducing some of the College's instructors, and a fully voiced tour guide. 

“We’ve included videos along the tour to help prospective student get a better idea of what their learning spaces look and feel like before coming to campus,” said Dr. Mickles. “For instance, viewers who are virtually visiting our Automotive Shop Lab can explore the space and hear more about the program by playing the embedded video from Automotive Professor Bill Roche.”

The tour is developed in a 360-degree format, which allows viewers to click and drag to look around any space they are exploring, similar to Google Street View. 

“We wanted to make this tour as real and immersive as possible,” said Mickles. “We knew that a photo or video tour would not accomplish this, so the obvious choice was the 360 view. This allows viewers to take command of their own tour experience to explore and move as quickly or as slowly as they like.”

The virtual tour covers student-facing areas of the college campus, like admissions, the student center, the library, and a variety of hands-on lab areas, classrooms, outdoor spaces, and more. 

“We’re so excited to be able to offer this tour to our community,” said Mickles. “We hope that students who are considering DCC will take the tour and be convinced that DCC is the right fit for them.”

To take the virtual tour, visit danville.edu/virtualtour.

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Faith O'Neil

Faith O'Neil

Director of Public Relations & Marketing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer